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Monday, January 16, 2006

What I learned in English Seminar Ⅱ

☆Today is the final day of the English SeminarⅡ!!☆
Today, we finally had a last class. Through this seminar, I could learn and noticed a lot of things about "diversity". At first, it was a good way to write a blog regularly. I could have a useful time to think about cultural and social diversity even in a daily life! Totally, we could get a good opportunity to discuss and exchange much information each other and learn what we didn't know very deeply. Through we human being's life, it's important to know and understand the differnces and recognize them. Even if the confliction due to the diversities occurs, we should think about what we can do and what is the advantage and what is the fault. I don't want to forget what I learned in this class.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's greeting

A Happy New Year!!
The new year has come!! People are covered with joy and hope. In Japan, when people cerlebrate and share the pleasure of new year, they send New Year's card(nengajyou) to their close friends, relatives, teachers, and so on. The custom has contunued since very old era. I feel happy when I receive New Year's card even if it is from person who is not very close to me. I can find some sympathy and humanity in it. However, in recent years, communication tools have greatly advanced. There are many kinds of useful tools such as e-mail, Internet, Social Networking Site(like mixi). We cannot help depending on it. In fact, I have stopped writing New Year's card..but, I don't want to forget the warmth and value of handwritten things like New Year's card.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Today, we did a final presentation in class! Our topic was "Rwanda" . I researched about refugees in Rwanda. According to the news on 12 Dec, More than 40,000 Congolese refugees living in established camps in Rwanda receive education, medical and other services, but recently arrived refugees often end up stranded for months in a transit center where they receive drastically reduced services. There is no formal education for hundreds of children,and there are also security concerns at the transit center, which is close to the border with the DRC. Now, Rwanda needs to work with the UNHCR to make more space for refugees.
I learned that in 2004, 15 refugee people were accepted by the Japanase government, and most of them were from Myamar. The number 15 is too few, isn't it ? I want to consider about refugees problem more and what we should do for them.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Yesterday, I wrote about religion. Today , I wanna pick up about 'taboos', also relating to cultural diversity. I study Chinese in college now. In Chinese class, I can learn not only Chinese but also can learn many diffierences between Japan and China. In China, when people give present to someone, they can't give a watch. In Chinese, "送钟(song zhong)" means' give a watch'. And, "送终(song zhong)" means 'funeral'. Both of the words are pronunced in the same way, so it can't be admitted for people to present a watch to someone. Other than this, there are some taboos in China. For example, Chinese can't take off shoes in front of the person. How about in japan? Umm..there are also some taboos! For example, we must not cross the threshold, sleep with our head pointed north and so on... Anyway, it's interesting to compare customes between Japan and other different countries!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I had a religion& culture course yesterday. This course is held in the fifth period, so I get tired every time, however, in this course,I can learn many things about religion which I didn't know so far. From this week, we started to read a new book "Why are Japanese with no religious faith?" (photo) Comparing with other countries, Japanese is an unique country which doesn't believe one particular religion. In spite of this, we Japanese go to the temple or shrine in New Year . In summer (the Bon holiday period), we go back to our home town and worship our ancestors'spirits. These are regarded as one of the annual functions and have already become custom in Japan. The style like this is called "natural religion". The opposite is "Sosho(創唱) religion". In that religion, one particular person sets forth a doctrine and there are lots of people who believes it. Most countries believe this religion. (e.g. Christianity, Isram) I want to learn from now on about religions more and why religious conflicts occur so often.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

soooo precious one-day!!

As you know, in this seminar, we have an assignment of interview for non-Japanese. I participated in some of our class members who went to interview. We decided to go to Shibuya, as Mr.Ree said that there are many kinds of non-Japanese. We chose one of the coffee shop"Segafredo". In that shop, there were some non-Japanese talking and drinking coffee. When we talk to someone we don't know even if he/she is Japanese, it's a very tough and brave act. Though we sit looking for suitable non-Japanese for about one hour, I couldn't have enough courage to interview and couldn't choose whom to ask at first. But finally, I and my friend chose one person. He was from Africa and has lived in Japan for 18 years! I asked him mainly about the difference between his country and Japan. After that, I noticed the view from foreighner about Japan which we Japanese can't notice very easily. He had a black skin and had some accessories, so I was very nurveous to talk to him at first, however, once we began to talk each other, his kindness made me relief. He had atiitude to listen to us very carefully and answered our questions very earnestly. He talked even other things than interview.I was very impressed by that attitude. We Japanese usually regard it unnatural and strange if someone we don't know talk to us. This is one of the big cultural difference. Anyway, It was a great opportunity for me to interview non-Japanese I don'tknow. It's good for us to get and exchange the idea about cultural,ethnic,religious difference with non-Japanese. It enables us to widen our field of view of the world!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Okonomiyaki party☆

 Today, we had a party in my adviser group! Many exchange students in Aoyama Gakuin Univ. also joined this party!! We went to Okonomiyaki ( in English explain, "a griddlecake containing vegitables and meat or seafood.) restaurant in Shibuya. The price and taste of Okonomiyaki and Monjyayaki were so~good! While I was talking with one of the exchange students, I heard one impressive thing from him. He said, "In America, of course English is a national language. English is already a universal language all over the world, so we American don't tend to learn other languages." On the other hand, in Japan, especially in most colleges, students learn second languge other than English. He envied about this. But, He could speak Japanese very well because learning Japanese in Univ. I think the more languages we can speak, the range of our communication will expand.